Site Launch Roundup – Summer and Fall 2019 – Part 1

Posted on November 20th, 2019 to Cannabis

Six months worth of housecleaning

To say we’ve been busy is an understatement.  We’ve been so busy, in fact, we haven’t published a “site launch” blog post in quite a while, and what better time to do it – so let’s dive in!

Vermont Hempicurean

We first met Scott Sparks at the first Hemp Fest back in 2017, when he was just a fresh-faced retiree trying to find his place in the emerging CBD business.  His goal was to open up one of the first CBD shops in Vermont, focusing on providing a one-stop-shop for local farmers and producers to sell their products.  3 years later, we’re launching the second website we built for him.

With a solid mobile design and a robust e-comm storefront, we focused heavily back on the story-telling, providing Scott with a few different ways to highlight his vendor partners, featured products, and the ways he has engaged with his customers.

This new site launch for the Vermont Hempicurean was also the FIRST site we re-launched utilizing the amazing relationship we developed with Square, who recently took the hugely brave step in providing top-tier payment processing services for the Hemp industry.

Check out the newly improved Vermont Hempicurean website by clicking HERE


Tanasi was an important company for us to work with.  Jeff Heeren, CEO and Founder of the Tennessee-based Hemp company is on a mission to develop the best CBD products on the market, and backing it up through University run peer-tested studies.  When we first met Jeff out in Vegas at MJ Biz Con, we found common ground on our shared mission to normalize the cannabis industry – CannaPlanners through beautiful design and powerful web solutions, and Tanasi through research, science and product development via their partnership with a University practically in their backyard.

In the short time since we’ve launched their brand new, rad website, Tanasi has made several large retail partnerships, continued their University-backed research programs, and pushed their products into a few new markets outside Tennessee.  We couldn’t be more happy for them 🙂

Check out the Tanasi website HERE


Based in Los Angeles, Dreamt is a THC company developing products that specifically focus on getting that perfect night of sleep.  Created by Doctors and Scientists, their products contain THC, CBD, Melatonin and other naturally found compounds aimed to promote a healthier sleep cycle.

This was a dream product for us (pun obviously intended); we were given full creative control over everything from the brand, to the product and packaging design – all the way to web and marketing assets.  This was the first time a company had hired us to completely control executing a complete brand vision.  Humbled doesn’t even begin to express how we felt going into this, and pride barely scratches the surface of how we felt watching this brand become a reality, especially now that it’s starting to hit the shelves.

We’ll be posting a much deeper dive into this project down the road, including a more in depth look at the branding, but in the meantime, check out everything we did for Dreamt HERE

Heady Vermont – Micro Sites

This is a quick update to the Project Highlight discussing the spectacularly gorgeous new website we built for Heady Vermont (check that website here).  In addition to the general website refresh they needed for the media-side of Heady Vermont, we also wanted to give them a way to generate micro-sites for their events and larger call-outs.

Maintaining the vibe and responsive architecture we built for the main site, we slimmed down some of the modular components and kept things like CTA’s super simple and easy to use.

Check out one of the many micro-sites we built for Heady Vermont HERE

Roastd General Store

Located in one of the most quintessentially New England Vacation Spots, this Nantucket-based general store might be the cutest place on the entire island.  Lynne, an amazing human, has created an environment loved equally by locals and tourists, that supports a booming CBD marketplace, and makes one of the best cups of coffee on the East Coast.

We wanted to create a design that looked as warm and inviting as their store, using a nice coffee-flavored opacity to keep a consistency in the full site design.  Another one of our Square-partner sites, Roastd General Store can now keep in close contact with the island visitors who have grown to love them so much.

Check out this delicious website we built for Roastd General Store HERE

Little River Farmstead

Hemp laws are changing EVERYWHERE and the Turner family in Illinois were keen to be one of the first in their state to put seeds in their fields and develop their own line of CBD products.

We had a hand in their logo design and product packaging, and we’ll get into a deeper dive on them soon, but in the weeks since we launched the new Little River Farmstead website they’ve started selling products online, making more public appearances and creating a culture of wellness.

Check out the website we built for Little River Farmstead HERE

Good & Company

With all these small, family run CBD businesses popping up all over the US, the team from Good & Company noticed a glaring problem facing them all.  Distribution.  More retailers and more brands to fill their shelves created a bigger need for distribution channels to carry these products and get those stores fully stocked.

We were lucky enough to help this amazing company with everything from their logo, to the website – and even THIS awesome wrap for their delivery van.

Check out the sleek website we built for Good & Co HERE

Jubilee Farm

Representing Southern Vermont, Jubilee Farm is a small vertically integrated farm creating clean, simple CBD products.  Founder Bob Bursky is on a personal mission to create a trusted brand rooted in small town values and so far he’s crushing it.

Check out the lovely site we built for Jubilee Farm HERE

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